Sunday, December 14, 2008

The weekend

I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished this weekend, although not as much as I would have liked. I cleaned out a cabinet that has been a gathering place for some kitchen stuff, some spices and extracts and some junk. I haven't quite finished yet, as I still have to vacuum the cabinet out (I asked Alex to do that, but I'm pretty sure he never did) and put everything back in that is staying. I also cleaned out three boxes that have been sitting under the recipe desk part of my kitchen counter for the last few years. Yes, years, I'm not exaggerating! Almost everything in them was trash. It was mostly old paperwork that I didn't need anymore. I saved some report cards for keepsakes, found one savings bond and a few other keepers, but the rest went in the trash. I also realized one of the boxes was craft supplies. I have been looking for the beads that were in there forever. I remember now that someone was doing a project for school and I brought the box out and never put it away. This whole time, I thought it had paperwork in it!

I took Hannah shopping today to get something for her Secret Santa. Each year, the 7 kids draw names and get a $20-$25 gift or gifts for their Secret Santa. They love this and have a wonderful time shopping for their person. Hannah also picked out a few things for herself that will be either from Gramma or Santa. I usually pick things up for the girls for my mom to give them because she doesn't really spend much time with them and really doesn't have a clue what they like or are in to. She used to just buy them things that she knew my niece would like and their tastes are much different, so I offered to get their gifts for her. Not exactly what I need, more shopping to have to do, but I prefer that to seeing their disappointed faces when they get things they aren't interested in. My mom always gives the boys money, so that one is easy.

After I dropped Hannah off at home, I picked Alex up from "Godspell" practice and took him shopping for himself from Santa and for his Secret Santa. I can't pick clothes out for him and that is all he wanted, because he needs to try them on. By the time we finished shopping, we forgot all about getting something for his Secret Santa! We did stop at Walmart and get frozen pizzas for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook when I got home.

After a full day of shopping, I came home, ate and then combed Shauna's hair out. She had washed and conditioned it herself, while I was gone. She did a really good job because she put the conditioner in and then combed it out, before rinsing it. That got a lot of the tangles out so it only took me about 45 minutes to comb it out. I just put it up in one pony, so I will have to either straighten it tomorrow or braid it.

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