Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today's meltdown, starring ME!

Usually when a post contains meltdown in the title, you can count on it being about Hannah. Well, not today. Hannah has actually been doing really, really well. I thought I was, too. I had gotten home from grocery shopping and was starting dinner. I asked one of the kids to tell Luke to come downstairs and I asked him to make the sauce for the pizza I was making. He started complaining about not wanting to do it and I lost it. I yelled at him about how sick I am of people arguing with me about every little thing that I ask them to do, etc. It didn't last long, just two or three sentences.

I went from being perfectly happy (well as happy as I could be while making dinner, anyway) to yelling and crying and being totally upset within seconds. I don't know why. Maybe stress, I was listening to a Dr. Phil and it was about husbands and wives dealing with the stress of financial problems and that was stressing me out! Mike and I have been dealing with that since the end of 2001, but now that so many people are in the same boat as we have been for years, it is constantly on my mind because of the frequent reminders that are everywhere. I haven't yelled or anything since that one incident, but I have felt like crying, I've been nauseous and feeling really depressed since then. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day and I won't feel so overwhelmed.

Okay, I'm done moaning now. On the bright side, the homemade pizza was delicious and my new pizza cutter from Steven worked great.

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Anonymous said...

Good grief! What are you, a saint??? I sincerely hope its okay to yell once in a while - if it's not I must be headed straight for hell!

I think sometimes family members forget that even parents have feelings - "Yeah, I can complain about her, cuz she's mom and she'll love me anyway". Don't consider it a temper fit, consider it "rebuking betimes with sharpness" which is okay as long as you follow up with an "overabundance of love".