Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We're going on a trip!

We are heading out to spend some time with Denise and Nick the day after Christmas! Everyone is very excited. Nate called yesterday and he seemed excited, too. Denise assured me that we will be more of a help than a hindrance, I hope she isn't just saying that! We always have a great time with them, the kids get along great and so do the parents!

There is one big worry that I have about the trip, though. Nick has a few strange hobbies (or you might call them obsessions). They include a preoccupation with Walmart, collecting soup ladles, breakfast meats and taking extremely unflattering pictures of me! I'm trying to figure out how to disable his camera for a few days! Other than that, I'm looking forward to spending time with some great friends.


Nick said...

Ha ha ha. Just to let you know, they opened a new SUPER Walmart not to far from here and I haven't even been there yet! I was thinking maybe we could take a day trip when you got here.
As for the ladles, I got a good deal on an auction site, so I like to share.
Don't worry about the pictures, I have hidden cameras all over the house. LOL!

Nick said...

Is Mike coming? Did you know he invited me to come to Vegas with him?

Mom of 7 said...

Oooooh, I would love to be with you on your virgin trip to the new super Walmart!!!!

Mom of 7 said...

Yes, Mike is coming.

No wonder he changed his mind about me going to Vegas with him, he had a better companion lined up!!