Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Smokes????

Last year my sister took my niece to the local Christmas Parade. Our family was in the parade for hockey, but that is another story! They always arrive to everything late, so they were at the end of the parade route. The route turns there, goes on for a few more houses and then breaks up in the William and Mary parking lot. Apparently, Santa jumped out of his float where the route turns, but also where the parade isn't quite over yet. He lit a cigarette immediately upon jumping off the float, right where all the little kids could see him. Ugh!

Well, my sister was talking to my niece (now 9) about the parade and Sydnee said, "I know that wasn't the real Santa last year". My sister said, "I know, it couldn't be the real Santa because Santa doesn't smoke." Sydnee said, "Right the real Santa doesn't smoke cigarettes, he smokes pot!" My sister was horrified, but after questioning Sydnee, she realized that she meant that he smokes a pipe. Apparently 9 years old are now aware that pot can be smoked in a pipe. I didn't even know pot existed when I was 9!