Sunday, December 14, 2008

Las Vegas trip

Mike is going to Las Vegas to teach for two straight weeks in January. Since he will be staying over the weekend, he invited me to come out for a few days to join him. His company will be paying for the hotel and he has enough frequent flyer miles for me to get a free flight.

On Saturday, we were talking about the trip and Mike kept going on and on about how much it was going to cost to bring me along. He kept bringing up that water bottles are $2 each, it would cost an extra $15-$25 for my suitcase, plus food is extremely expensive and when I mentioned I could just go to a grocery store and microwave something, I was told there aren't any grocery stores in Las Vegas (at least not near the hotels). Mike eats lunch while teaching and gets reimbursed for his meals, so that isn't a problem. He went on to tell me that it would cost at least $75 a day for me to go. That really took most of the excitement out of the whole thing for me. I put away our anniversary money and my birthday money from my mom, for this trip, which totals $100, so obviously, if it is going to cost $75 a day, I can't afford to go.

I don't think I would ever spend $75 a day on food, even if it is expensive. I only eat one or two meals anyway. Mike insisted there aren't any in Las Vegas, unless you go into the "seedy" areas. I did some internet searches and found several places that are either within walking distance or on the bus route, that were reasonable. I understand why he would think that there aren't any cheap places to eat, since his company is paying and they always go to expensive places, but there seem to be quite a few that still have bargains.

I'm not sure how to take what he was saying. At one point I said, well, it sounds like you don't want me to go and he said no, he is just warning me how expensive it is. I have several theories on what that was all about.

1. He is just being his normal pessimistic self and seeing the glass half (or a quarter) full.
2. He changed his mind about me going with and is trying to discourage me.
3. He still wants me to go, but is worried about spending the extra money.

Whatever the reason for all of it was, the result is it really made me feel bad and the rest of the day really sucked because I was upset, disappointed and cranky. So, now I'm not sure if I will be going or not.

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