Friday, December 12, 2008

Out to lunch

I went out to lunch with two of Mike's sisters today. One lives in Richmond and the other still lives back in Chicago. We went to Red, Hot and Blue, which was delicious and had a very nice time. We spent almost two hours together, but then I had to leave to drive Steven to work, or so I thought. I rushed home to make sure he got to work on time and when I got there, he had already gotten a ride to work with is friend, Will. I'm really mad that he didn't call me and let me know, but that is classic Steven. I'm sure it never even crossed his mind.

We wouldn't have stayed too much longer anyway, Connie and Roni were going shopping and I'm sure they didn't want to stay in town too long or the ride back to Richmond would be horrible. We had a very nice visit. I hadn't seen Connie since Mike's mom died in August of 2005, so it was good to talk to her. Turns out she is having some of the same medical problems that Mike has had. She is getting really bad cramps in her legs and they can't find the cause. She doesn't have a blood clot, which Mike has, but she has very narrow veins and had to have an angioplasty. Also, both of the sisters have insomnia problems, just like their brother. They, however, both take medication for it, Mike doesn't.

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