Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yesterday Sucked-Part One

It started out rather peaceful, until Hurricane Hannah came home from school! She was still in a "mood", which started the day before yesterday. She must have known she would be grounded for being violent with Shauna, as violence always comes with a grounding. She figures if she denies things, they aren't so. So, she came home from school and expected to go to her friend's house. I could see a rage coming a mile away, but what could I do? The only way to stop it was to let her go and that would be inconsistent discipline. She was getting more and more irrational in what she was saying and sobbing and make motions to punch me. I knew that it would only get worse, but I couldn't calm her down. Jack and Luke grabbed her off me when she attacked and the rage lasted about 5 minutes, I would guess. It feels like forever when it is happening. She only got in two really good punches on me and I have a bruise on each forearm from trying to deflect the blows. She kicked Jack in the leg, which he said is okay today, but his thumb is hurting. It probably got bent back while he was trying to hold her down. She had gotten ahold of Luke's hair with both of her hands and wouldn't let go, but I don't think he has any lasting pain from that. She was trying really hard to bite us, but we were a little quicker than she was.

Once she calmed down, she rested on the couch for about 45 minutes and then went upstairs. A few minutes later, she came downstairs, sweet as pie, and told me that she needed me to take her to the store to buy some black shoes for choir. Apparently they were supposed to have them by today so they could get fitted for their dresses. Are you kidding me??????? Did she really think I was going to smile and take her shopping? Luckily, she didn't melt down, which was a surprise. I had, however, been able to get her to take a very small extra dose of her medication, just a minute or two before the rage, so I guess it had gone into effect and helped her stay in control. She just said, "Well, I'm going to get my grade taken down one grade if I don't have them, so it will be your fault. I have an A now, so it will go down." Sorry, kid, not MY problem.

This morning I reminded her that she is grounded today because of the rage, since one of the irrational things she kept saying last night was that I never tell her that she's getting grounded in advance, so it doesn't count. I'm hoping that she will have it in her head that she is grounded and not get obsessed with going out. I really hope so because I'm just not up for another rage today!

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