Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You know you are spending too much time reading blogs when.....

....you start dreaming about the families you read about! Last night I had a dream that we had to move in with Claudia and Bart's family. This is the second dream I have had about them, but this is the first time we moved in with them. Last time, we just lived near them. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the dream, but I didn't want to move to Minnesota from Virginia, mainly because of the weather, so I kept bursting into tears as we walked around Claudia and Bart's house, getting to know everyone. Bart told me not to worry, that my life would be easier because there were so many adults in the house that could help me deal with things. Dominyk kept giving me dirty looks.

Then for some reason, we all went outside and a police car drove by with it's siren blaring and Claudia, who then turned into Kari, started running after the police car. I was puzzled at first, but then I said, "Oh, I remember this from her blog, she always runs after police cars because she is terrified that it is one of her kids they are going after." Then my sons, Drew and Steven, got into a huge fist fight in Claudia's house and I got lost in an apartment building......enough said, it was really weird. I wonder what that dream could possibly mean????

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jen said...

That is too funny!