Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alex's Room

The new paint color, it isn't as gold as it looks in these pics

Mike, Jack and I painted all of Alex's room today. Mike did the bulk of it, doing the ceiling and walls. Jack trimmed around the ceiling and tops of doors and windows. I trimmed the baseboard areas and lower portions of the windows and doors. It came out really good and we only needed one coat since we primed. I thought it would still need two, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Alex picked a tan color for the walls. He has navy pleated shades on his deck door and window and is thinking of painting the closet doors navy. He is getting a blue comforter, so I think it will look great when it is done. The next step is putting the floor down, which Jack and I are going to work on this week. He should be able to move in by next weekend.

We got 4 chairs from the freecycler. They are really nice. They have a nice white metal finish and I think once they are washed thoroughly, they will look great. The cushions need to be recovered, but will only use a few dollars worth of fabric. They are a great size for his deck. We also got a single nightstand, but we aren't sure what we are going to do with it yet. We might paint it with exterior paint and use it on his deck or give it to one of the girls for their room.

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