Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We had a great thunderstorm yesterday. Most of our storm-obsessed family spent time on the front porches, watching the lightening. Before the storm started, it was beautiful and sunny. Shauna came in and told me that she heard thunder, so I suggested we go out and look at her garden, quickly, before the storm got close. We did that and less than a minute after I walked in the house, Alex came running downstairs and said that he had seen lightning hit the house across the street. Those neighbors are on vacation, so we kept a close eye on the house, but no damage appeared to be done.

I love our porch, the was it is angled, it is almost always a perfect shelter from storms and we can watch them in safety. Alex and I heard some loud cracks that sounded like when the trees went down during Hurricane Isabelle. They didn't sound like they came from our backyard.

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