Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chicago Style Thin Crust Pizza

I made this last Wednesday, but just got the pics on the computer today. One of the main things we miss about Chicago is the pizza. They make the most delicious pizza in the world there. (If anyone from New York reads this, I don't want to hear about it!) We really miss Little Joe's, Palermo's and Giordano's, just to name a few.

Over the last couple of years, I have been working hard on perfecting not only the stuffed Giordano style pizza I discussed in another post, but also a delicious thin crust with a sweet sauce. The recipe I have come up with is really good, at least my family loves it. I have realized, though, that there is no way to exactly duplicate a restaurant pizza. They use a different type of stove. In some ways, mine is not as good as their's and in some ways it is better, so I am happy. If you are interesting in making your own pizza, I learned a ton from the wonderful forums at

The kids all enjoy making their own pizzas, each rolling their dough to the thickness they prefer. They all know that I have one really strict rule about my pizza, though, it MUST be cut in squares, aka party cut, not triangles! The rule goes on to state that if you cut your Chicago style thin crust pizza in triangles, you are never allowed to eat it again. Stuffed is cut into triangles.

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