Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steven Sighting

Steven was supposed to have his first meeting with his probation officer yesterday (underage drinking was his charge). Last week, he asked me to put a reminder on my email and I did, but he was no where to be found, so I couldn't remind him. The probation officer called the house when he didn't show up and we had a nice long talk. I told her what was going on with him: bipolar, not taking meds, substance abuse problems, in treatment for 2 1/2 years but now refusing treatment since he turned 18, kicked out of the house for refusal to follow any rules, stealing from us, etc. She understood completely. She is retired, after working in the prison/court system for many years and only works two days a week as a probation officer. She said that when she gets him in her office, she is going to give him "some grandmotherly tough love"! I thought that was great. She also said Mike and I are doing the right thing by being firm with him and not letting him live with us. That was good to hear.

Anyway, he came home last night and asked to spend the night. He had obviously been drinking. He wasn't falling down drunk or anything, but I lived with an alcoholic step father for many years and I know the signs, although he thinks I'm dumb. He was slightly slurring his words and just had an attitude about him that only comes from drinking. He denied it until I got close enough to smell his breath and told him that I could smell it on him. He didn't admit to it, but stopped denying at that point. Not that I was dwelling on it, but I told him that if he wants to stay overnight occasionally, he cannot do it if he has been drinking or using that day.

I was going to bed when he got home and I told him he had to stay downstairs. I went into my bathroom, which is directly below Luke's room and I heard talking from up there. It sounded like Luke, but Luke and Steven sound very much alike, so I couldn't tell if it was both of them talking or if Luke was talking to his friends on his computer microphone. I called Luke's cell phone and sure enough, Steven was up there. So much for following the rules while he's staying overnight. That lasted all of zero seconds. I made him come down and told him that he would not be staying over again if he didn't follow my rules. I was too tired to stay up and police it, but I'm pretty sure he stayed downstairs then. I will have to ask Luke. I didn't want him upstairs because Jack wasn't home and he has a lot of valuable electronic stuff in his room (he's a computer/tech geek) and I was afraid Steven might steal something to sell.

This morning, Steven was sound asleep on the couch when I got up. Later on, I was doing dishes and he disappeared. It turns out that he went upstairs to sleep on Alex's bed. Not too big a problem except he hadn't showered and he smells horrible. Now I have to fumigate not only the couch, but Alex's bed!

He claims he is applying for a job this week, hmmm, I've heard that before!

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