Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dirty Bathroom Embarrassment

Alex is going to a concert with a good friend. I am also friendly with the girl's mom. They just came to pick him up and the mom had to go to the bathroom. Ugh, my bathroom is filthy! I am so embarrassed. She isn't a neat nick or anything and she truly didn't care, but it is still humiliating.

I almost cleaned that bathroom yesterday, too, but was too lazy. Now I am so mad at myself. If only I had been born with the "housekeeping gene". I am convinced there is a gene that governs things like the ability to organize, stay clutter free and keep a clean house. I just am not good at it, no matter how hard I try. Add the fact that all 7 of my kids have been diagnosed with ADHD (among a bunch of other things!) and leave "Hansel and Gretel trails" all over the house and I just can't keep up.

I have to wonder if any other large families have this problem. I live in a community where every one's house is picture perfect, looks like a model home inside and out. Why am I the only messy????

Oh my God, I just realized there might not have been any toilet paper in there!


MJ said...

I too was born without the housekeeping gene! I so can relate. Since of course cleaning is a struggle for me, my kids lovingly have picked up my clutter habits too! So where as I think some things just come more naturally to some people, they just dont to me, so its an effort.

J. said...

"...there might not have been any toilet paper in there!"

I'm cracking up.
I love your reading your blog. It reminds me of my childhood. 7 people, two bedroom house! It was crazy.


six pence said...

i would normally do the cleaning when our maid is having her holiday a month in every 2 years. Coz i'm so not good with dishes and laundry. I'm 19 who hates cleaning yet enjoys it. So anyway, it would normally takes me about an hour or more just to clean the toilet. And most of the time would be just sitting on the toilet cover, playing bubbles, singing to the songs or just simply sleep in the bathtub!