Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jogging = Target

Remember I said that Hannah asked permission to go jogging yesterday? Here was the conversation:

Hannah: Can I go jogging with Alex?

Me: I think it is too hot to go jogging right now.

Drew (from the other room): It is too hot to go jogging, I was just out there.

Hannah: We'll just walk around then.

Me: It's still too hot.

I then head upstairs to use the computer. When I get back downstairs, Alex and Hannah are gone. They got home about an hour and a half later, with a bag from Target, where they had each purchased a pair of shorts. Apparently Hannah told Alex that I said they could go and she really thought that.

I suppose this is my fault, I should have known that by saying it was too hot to go jogging, I was actually saying, "Yes, it is fine for you to go cross a busy street and go shopping at Target by yourselves." Silly me.

Now they are both mad at me because I took away the shorts they purchased with their own money. I will probably give Alex his back because his only crime was believing Hannah, but I think he should have known better than that.

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