Sunday, July 6, 2008


Mike and I went out to brunch by ourselves this morning. This never happens, as a matter of fact, eating out is pretty much a thing of the past. With prices so high and the fact that we are still struggling to recover from Mike's three year lay-off, eating out happens very rarely.

A few months ago, some radio station or something was running a deal where you could buy gift certificates to various restaurants for half price. Drew and his friends bought some. Two of the certificates he bought were for Opus 9, a fancy (for us) restaurant in our town. After they had them, they decided that they would never go to Opus 9, so Drew gave his to Mike and I. He reminded us the other day that they expire on July 14th, so we decided to go there for brunch today.

Now, when we have a little extra money, we enjoy restaurants like Denny's and Golden Corral and a really fancy night out would be a family trip to TGI Fridays. Let's just say that Mike and I felt a little like fish out of water at Opus 9, which is why we decided to go for brunch, not dinner. It wasn't too bad, but we were definitely the least dressed up. When we first got there, they seated us and then we sat there for an awkward few minutes, while we tried to figure out if we were just supposed to go up to the buffet, wait for our waitress, or what. Good thing we decided to wait, for what seemed like quite some time, because when the waitress came, she explained that she would bring us a plate. It would have been pretty embarrassing to have gone up without a plate! She then gave us honey butter, which she piped into a small bowl from a piping bag. She also gave us a roll basket with a cloth napkin in it, but no rolls. Hmmm, that was odd. I guess we were supposed to get our own rolls from the buffet and put them in?

The food was pretty good, but certainly not spectacular. We had a good time except that Mike had a little trouble hearing me because we were seated right next to the jazz band. It wasn't that loud, but he has trouble with his hearing anyway. It was nice to just get out and relax a little, even if we did feel out of place. On the way out, we both said that if we had to choose, we would have picked Golden Corral over Opus 9.

I still have one gift certificate left, so I might take some of the older boys for lunch this week. We'll see.

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