Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Compliments from the kids

Well, that was annoying.  I had typed up a long post and when I tried to preview it, blogger deleted it and it wasn't autosaved.  Ugh!  Now I have to try to remember what I wrote.

I got two compliments from the kids this week.  Coming from a mom who is "embarrassing, annoying, mean, etc.", that is pretty huge!  First of all Alex, Hannah and Shauna were having a discussion about what they dislike about their noses.  They all had complaints and I told them that their noses look great and almost everyone thinks there is something about their own nose that could be better, including me.  Alex told me that my nose is "perfect, it looks like people's noses AFTER they get a nose job."  LOL

Hannah as been writing rap songs as a way to release some of her pent up anxieties, anger and frustrations.  So far, it has been working pretty well, although I could do without some of the swear words that she includes.  She insists that she has to use them because they help her get her feelings out.  Since the songs aren't allowed to be shared outside of the house (especially since they often include very nasty things about neighbors and schoolmates!), I am letting the swear words slide for now.  Anyway, she wrote a song about everyone in the family.  Let's just say that it was a little negative!  Not to mention any names, but she said someone has bad breath, someone is mean, someone plays too many video games and she said that she, herself, is sometimes mean and sometimes nice.  Well, apparently I am "sweet as a strawberry".  I almost fell off my chair!  Was this a compliment from a kid who usually acts like I am more disgusting than a freshly removed drain clog??????  Wonders will never cease!

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