Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Painting break

Alex and Hannah Priming

This door goes out to our upstairs porch

I'm taking a little break from priming Alex's new bedroom walls (Drew's old room). Jack and Alex went to pick up more primer and paint samples. Shauna, Alex and Luke helped with taping, washing windows (which isn't quite done yet) and priming. Luke is getting everything we can't reach. Jack and Luke are going to do the ceiling, which they aren't thrilled about, but the rest of us are too short.
Shauna painting

Shauna painted!

I'm so glad the pleated shades that are on the door and window in there are still in great shape and are a color that Alex wanted to use anyway. They are navy blue and will look perfect with the tan he wants on the walls. Now I just have to work on getting him a new bedding set to match.

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