Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hannah and Alex are off tubing with some friends.  Wow, they are really growing up and getting busy social lives now.  The friend who owns the boat is from Drama, Stacy, and their friend from hockey, Drew, also went with them.  I guess they introduced Drew to Stacy yesterday at Busch Gardens and Drew and Stacy really hit it off.

That leaves poor Shauna alone, though.  I don't think she minds for the most part.  She loves to stay home and do nothing.  I just wish she would make some more friends in the neighborhood so she won't be alone so much.  I told her we could make chocolate chip cookies while the other kids are gone.  She is helping Jack with something in his car right now.

I hope the kids have fun and Hannah doesn't get seasick, since this is her first time on a boat!  

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