Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Rage

Well, Hannah lasted one month and one day without a major rage. Today she got home from a sleep-over at 1:45 and was having a meltdown by 3:15. She had just taken her afternoon dose of abilify, but it hadn't had time to work yet.

She was mad at me because I told her she couldn't go to her friend's house and had to stay in the neighborhood today. She freaked out when she tried to talk me into it and I stuck to my guns with the no. She raised an empty plastic laundry basket over her head and brought it down on me several times, then tried to throw it at Shauna, but missed. She then tried to break the dog gate (which she does every rage, that thing has been glued together at least 10 times). I put myself between Hannah and the gate and she started slapping me uncontrollably. She must have hit me at least 15 or 20 times. She tried to kick a couple of times, but I was able to get away. Luckily, she was slapping not punching this time, so although my arms are stinging like crazy, I don't think she will have left any bruises this time.

She just came in while I was typing this and apologized. At first, she was calm and nice. I said thank you for the apology, but you do realize that you now have a grounding. She said yes, just for today, right. I said no, we already discussed that hurting people gets you at least a week of grounding. She started to get angry and I ignored her.

OUCH! She was sitting across the room (not able to see what I was typing) and she came up behind me and punched me as hard as she could in the upper arm. I said what was that for and she said for not letting her go to Busch Gardens. She had planned a trip to Busch Gardens for tomorrow with a bunch of friends.

Apparently sleep-overs are not a good idea. Alex just came in and told me that Shauna told him that Hannah didn't take her meds last night at the sleepover. She was supposed to take them in front of her friend's dad. I will be seeing him on Tuesday and I will ask him if she did. Shauna doesn't want me to say anything to Hannah because she is afraid Hannah will beat her up. Can't blame her for that, as I sit here with my aching arm. If I get confirmation from Scott that she didn't take her meds, I can talk to Hannah about it without getting Shauna in trouble.

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