Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on Friends Killed

One of the boys who was killed had another kid's driver's license (that kid is a friend of Steven's as well) and the police called his parents and told them that he had been killed in an accident. They found out shortly afterwards that it hadn't been their son, but they are completely traumatized. Apparently, their son had gotten a new driver's license and given his old one to the 16 year old who was killed so he could purchase cigarettes. He is now telling police that the 16 year old stole the license, but of course, all of their friends know that he gave it to him.

I talked to Steven about the dangers of drinking/drugging and driving and he doesn't see a problem with it! He claims his friends that got killed were just stupid. Hmmm, he actually told me that the accident rate for people under the influence of marijuana is zero and that is a known fact. He actually believes it, too!

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