Friday, January 23, 2009


I just realized that Mike and I are alone in the house, yes, I said alone! This never happens. CUP, Drew and Ashley are in DC, Steven is at work, Luke is at Stephen B's house, Alex is at drama, Hannah went to the movies with friends and Shauna is staying overnight at her friend, Sydney's house.

This is so weird. Mike is watching tv and the volume is on a normal number, not 64, like it usually is because everyone is talking and he can't hear it. I don't hear any footsteps, stomping around upstairs. No one is arguing. No one is asking when dinner will be ready. No one is asking for the hundredth time, what is for dinner. No doors are slamming. No music is blasting. The dog is sleeping peacefully by the fireplace because there is no one here to make him all wild.

Crap, so much for the quiet. The phone just rang, it was Shauna from Sydney's house, asking when dinner will be ready. No, I'm not kidding! She was thinking about eating here because she loves homemade macaroni and cheese. Two seconds after the phone rang, the timer went off to remind me to check the macaroni water to see if it is boiling. Ugh! Well, it was nice while it lasted!


Lking said...

Enjoy the kids while you can. I know they keep you busy, but the time will come (sooner than you think) when you won't have them close by. Time flies!!
Be happy! God Bless You and your family.

Mom of 7 said...

You are so right!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

ahhhh, it must have been lovely!