Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not much to blog about

I had a lot of running around today, including a meeting at school and a bunch of drop-offs and pick-ups. CUP and Ashley went grocery shopping for me, so that was really helpful. The kids had an early release day today, another one tomorrow and Friday, and they are off next Monday and Tuesday. Alex still has school play practice on most of those days, which is a pain because we will have to drop-off and pick-up since there is no bus.

I got a couple of great buys at Walgreens today with some rain checks that I had gotten a few weeks ago. I was out of dishwasher tablets and I was able to get a 50 day supply for only .94! I also got two packages of aluminum foil for only .34 cents each. Oh, wait, I just realized there is a rebate on the dishwasher tablets, so I will actually be making .71! That's even better. Altogether, I saved $8.05.

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Lking said...

You seem to be a busy woman and a wise shopper!
Maybe you can slow down tomorrow.