Monday, January 12, 2009

Quickie before I leave for Las Vegas

This is a quickie post because I'm super busy getting ready to go to Las Vegas tomorrow. Yay! After the stress of getting everything in order for things to run smoothly while I'm gone, I really need a vacation! I'm all packed and now I just have to finish the schedule for CUP to follow. It has all the stuff that needs to be done with the kids and alarms for everything. All meds, drop-offs and pick-ups, etc. Not an easy task to get that all in his calendar.

Shauna came home from school, feeling sick today. She seems to be better now, so it might just have been her ADHD meds. She doesn't take them on the weekends and I think her body has to get used to them all over again on Mondays. I hope she isn't sick. I hope I'm not sick. My nose was running this morning and I've been sneezing. I feel tired and sick to my stomach, but I'm hoping it is just nerves. I hate to travel by myself and I always get really nervous. I'm not afraid of flying or anything, just afraid of being by myself in big, crowded airports!

I got some great deals at Walgreens today, when I dropped Drew off for his first day of work after surgery. I got a hair color kit for Hannah, 4 tubes of toothpase, two toothbrushes and two boxes of Kleenex with lotion for $1.35, including tax!!! I wish I could say the same for Walmart, where I spent over $300. Ugh.

I'm not sure what the internet/computer situation will be in Las Vegas. I'm hoping the hotel has one somewhere that guests can use, but I'm not sure. If not, I'll have to try to use Mike's laptop in the evenings, if we have an internet connection. If not, I won't be back to blog until next Sunday.

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Lking said...

Hope you have a wonderful and that all will be well at home.Go with God