Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where did the day go?

Today went by really, really fast! Mike took Jack and Luke up to DC to see a Capitals game. They had a great time. Hannah and Alex were supposed to go, but Alex decided not to and, of course, Hannah won't go anywhere without Alex because "it's boring without Alex".

Before he left this morning, Mike suggested that I take the kids remaining at home (Drew and Steven were both working) to Golden Corral as a special treat since they didn't get to go to the game. I did that and we had a great time. The food was delicious, they have really good steak there. The guy who was grilling the steak was hilarious. He was teasing everyone and just acting really silly, which normally annoys me, but I thought he was funny. He told Hannah she could join the cooking class that he runs for women every Sunday. It is only $1000 and she would only have to leave a $500 deposit today. The look on her face was priceless because she didn't know if he was kidding or not! He was also trying to convince the lady in front of us, who was from North Carolina, that NC only got Golden Corrals a few months ago. She thought he was serious at first, too, and was arguing with him, until she realized he was kidding and started laughing.

During the meal, Hannah left to go to the bathroom (typical!). When she came back, she was terrified (also typical, not for her to get terrified in the bathroom, but for her to all of a sudden become terrified about something). She said that some lady in a yellow shirt came out of the stall when Hannah was washing her hands and said, "Move, Faggot" to her, so she ran out of the bathroom. Upon further questioning, the woman came out of the stall and muttered something that sounded like it might be that. We all tried to calm her down, although she was nervous the rest of the meal and kept watching for the woman in yellow. Eventually she pointed her out to me and I have to admit she did look pretty scary! (I can no longer hear or use the word scary without thinking of Denise's son, E, who says everything is "scawy", with such a cute face.) She had the appearance of some of the mentally ill homeless woman I used to see when I worked in downtown Chicago. Anyway, we had some fun with it at the table, joking around that she was going to come over and start hitting us with her purse and things like that. I thought that I could "take her", though, since my huge purse is most likely heavier and bigger than hers! Then Alex entertained us for a while with his silly attempts to sneak the little packets of honey butter home in his clothing! Shauna was worried that they had cameras in there and they would think he was really going to steal it and they would come and arrest him.

So all in all, it was a fun day, even though it went by so quickly. The Caps won, so that was a plus for all of those who went to the game. Oh, and Luke caught a puck that came into the stands, through a hole in the glass for a cameraman, and he caught a t-shirt! Too bad he isn't 18 and can't buy a lottery ticket tonight.

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