Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jack's job--please send prayers

Well, lack there of might be a better title in this case! Today I found a few jobs at a religious television station that would be perfect for Jack and are actually in his field, which is impossible to find right now. He graduated 8 months ago and still has no job. We are desperate at this point because we cannot afford to keep paying his bills and his school loans are coming due.

I want him to apply for those jobs and he wants to, but there is one problem. Jack is not in any way, shape, or form religious. In fact, as someone on the autism spectrum, he finds it hard to believe in anything that isn't concrete. This company has a chapel and requires employees to attend daily. Jack will do it, although he won't like it. Who knows, maybe he will even become a believer! We are just worried that if he gets to the interview process, they are going to ask him a lot of religious stuff. Even though I'm sure he will yell at me for blogging about this, he really needs prayers right now! Prayers that he gets a job, even if it isn't this one, very, very soon. I would love to see him doing something that he loves to do, but right now anything would work.


Denise said...

I'm praying, and Nick said that he is, too. Keep us posted!

jen said...

Wow, faith is hard for Daniel too. Not so when he was little. Such a shame. I will pray.

Anna Glendenning (Mom) said...

I will keep Jack in my prayers!

As for the student loans, if he hasn't gotten a Job yet he MAY be able to apply for a Defferal.