Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January THE 5th, 1978

The date in the title is the date my grandfather died. I was planning to blog about it, but then I was afraid my humor about the situation might offend some readers. Today I mentioned to CUP that I had been planning to blog about it, but didn't and he said I should. I thought about it and remembered that one of my main purposes in keeping this blog is that my kids will have all my stories when I die and if someone gets offended, I'm sorry, but oh well. So, here goes...

On January 5th, my grandfather was taking down the Christmas decorations and, apparently, as he reached up to get the things off the fireplace mantel, he suffered an aneurysm and died instantly. We don't know for sure that this is what killed him because my grandmother wouldn't allow an autopsy to be done, but this is the doctor's best guess. So far, not a funny story. The funny part comes later.

Starting at the wake and funeral, for years, until her death in 1995, my grandmother would tell anyone who would listen about the death of "her Bill" and how "he dropped dead in the fireplace on January THE 5th"!!! Exact same words, every single time. I can't tell you how many horrified faces I've seen as she told her story. I'm sure they were picturing "her Bill" instantly cremating himself in the fireplace! The death of my grandfather was very sad for us, he really was a very nice, gentle, loving, quiet, and laid back man. We were, however, always able to see the humor in my grandmother's reaction.

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