Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ugh! Everyone is getting sick and I'm terrified that I will be next and will be sick in Las Vegas. I already fought off one cold, which started a few days after we returned from PA. Now Steven and Luke are very sick. CUP bought me some Lysol spray on the way home from dropping Mike off at the airport and I went nuts and sprayed pretty much everything in the house. Shauna said the only thing I missed was the dog! I was spraying the powder room and I could hear Alex and Shauna laughing at me and talking about how all they could hear was non-stop spraying sounds.

I lightened Alex's hair today and I'm really anxious to see how it came out. He is rinsing it out now. He wanted a warmer brown color instead of his natural black. All of his highlights had been cut off when he got his short '50's cut for "Father of the Bride". There will probably be pictures added later today.

I got a haircut yesterday and it came out pretty nice. I also colored mine today, to cover the gray. Back to organizing the house so things don't fall apart while I'm gone!

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