Friday, January 2, 2009

Drew update

Drew is home from the hospital and somehow he is pain-free and has been all day. The doctors and nurses were shocked because the injury he has is supposed to be very painful. Drew has always had an incredibly high pain tolerance. When he was little he would fall and scrape his knees and just keep right on playing until I saw the blood running down his leg. He would also get fevers and show no sign of being sick. At some point I would notice his chubby little cheeks were pink and I would take his temperature and it would be 103 or 104 degrees. He also would have severe double ear infections and show no signs, other than a fever. It was really hard to tell when he was sick or hurt. Lucky for me, he wasn't a dare devil type kid. Kids who don't feel much or any pain can get themselves seriously hurt because they don't even realize they are hurt.

I just remembered that about a year ago, Drew's friend left a car battery on his passenger seat. After he removed it, Drew sat in the seat and got a battery acid burn all up and down his back side and lower back area. He didn't even realize he was burned. He only found out about it because the clothes he was wearing shredded from the acid. I told him that he should have been born a woman because he could give birth without any pain!

Anyway, I'm off track, as usual! I made him take pain medication, even though he wasn't feeling any pain. Better safe than sorry. The doctor gave him Dilaudid and Purcoset. I gave him a Dilaudid and he fell asleep soon after. I hope he stays pain free, that would be great. I have to take him to the surgeon's office on Wednesday to get his dressing changed. I was really glad about that because I thought I might have to change it and that would be horrifying for me. I am definitely not nurse material and would have either thrown up or had a panic attack or maybe even both at once!

My mom cooked and sent over a casserole for us for dinner. That is very unlike my mom, so while it was a very nice surprise, it was also a little shocking. First she participated in our family hockey game and now the casserole. Wow! Let's just say that my mom is normally very involved with my sister's family and not so much with mine. Maybe she is trying to change her ways, time will tell.

I took a picture of Drew in the hospital, but it isn't on my computer yet, so I will post it later.


Torina said...

I'm glad Drew's surgery went well. Sometimes, feeling no pain is truly a blessing. Also, coming home to a clean house with an already cooked casserole? Fab-u-lous!

Mom of 7 said...

I know, Torina. I might have to arrange a few more surgeries, just because I so liked the feeling of not having to clean and cook. I wonder if that would be a form of Munchausen By Proxy?????