Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Humor at the hospital

I just remembered this (typical). Last Friday, while we were with Drew in the pre-op room, just before they took him to surgery, we were talking about his doctor. Mike and I hadn't met him yet because we were driving home from Nick and Denise's when he went for his appointment. The nurses kept popping in asking if there had been any "doctor sightings" as everything was ready for surgery, we just needed the surgeon. I asked Drew how old the doctor was and he said, "A bit younger than you.", so I figured he must be early 40's. Imagine me having to stifle an intensely strong urge to smack the patient and call him a "little shit" as a doctor, obviously in his 60's walked into the room!!!! That was the first funny thing, if you call that funny, which I guess I don't really, since I was the butt of the joke. However, had it been aimed at someone else, I'm sure I would have enjoyed the humor quite a bit!

While the doctor was talking to us, he mentioned meeting my mother at the appointment. When he left, I asked Drew if we should try to fix him up with Gramma. I told him that maybe he should just mention it to the doctor when they took him into the OR. Mike said I should stop joking about that because when he starts coming out of the anesthesia, he might say something about it. I laughed, but then when the doctor came into the waiting room after the surgery to talk to us, he said, "Drew was already awake and talking before I left the operating room. He must have still been pretty out of it, though, because he started saying"....(here is where I started thinking, Oh no! I hope he didn't say my Mom wants you to ask my Gramma out!)...."something about still dreaming." My heart was beating really fast by the time and I was so relieved!

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