Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out to dinner

Mike and I went out of a very rare date tonight. Mike got some American Express gift checks from his company and he wanted to go to eat at Steven's restaurant. I've eaten there once, about a year ago, before Steven worked there, but Mike has never been there. The dinner was very nice. The restaurant is sort of casual but it is upscale and on the pricey side.

We started off with house salads, as Steven makes them and said they are good. They were yummy, with perfectly cut lettuce and delicious thousand island dressing that Steven also makes. He said it took him a long time to learn how to cut all the lettuce pieces to exactly the same size. Then Mike ordered some sort of Alfredo thingee (no that was not the official name!). It had shrimp, tortellini, ham, vegetables and chicken. He said it was very good, but not something I would like at all. I had a Kobe beef burger with sweet potato fries, which was yummy. I saw something on the Food Network the other day about Kobe beef and was dying to try it. We finished the meal with a shared creme brulee, which Steven loves making because he gets to use the blow torch to do it. The waiter even commented on how much he loves to play with fire! Oh, and Steven will be mad if I don't mention the delicious rolls we had with the fancy butter that he pipes into the tiny ramekins every day! I have never tasted creme brulee before and I was very impressed, it was so good. I loved the crunchiness on top. I told Steven he needs to get me that recipe! Of course, I would need to invest in a torch, but I'm sure none of the boys in this house would complain about that addition to the tool chest!

So, in short, while this wasn't as exciting as Nick and Denise's date nights at Walmart and/or the pharmacy, it was quite nice!!! And I would like to add, just for Mikey, YUM.


Denise said...

You mean there are dates at places *other* than Wal-mart or CVS??? Who knew??

Every single time GracieGirl says the blessing, she still says thanks that Mommy and Daddy got to go out to dinner. And I still have NO clue what she's talking about! Maybe she's praying that we WILL get to go out to dinner!

It sounds like a nice restaurant. I've never had Kobe beef but I've wanted to try it.

Glad you guys had a good time!

jen said...

I don't even know what Kobe beef is but I will have to research now. Mike's meal sounds heavenly. We were given a ton of sweet potato fries and my kids are less than excited about them. You should have each gotten your own dessert but come to think of it I can't eat dessert after a big meal at a restaurant. I'll bet you are very proud of Steven.