Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catch up blogging

Since I haven't had much time to blog, I've been keeping a small notebook and jotting down things that I wanted to remember. Some of these might be repeats, as I'm too lazy to read through my previous entries to refresh my memory as to what I've already said.

I actually enjoyed the trip from Williamsburg to Las Vegas. I'm surprised because as I said before, I really don't like being out of my comfort zone and that would certainly include being out in public, by myself. I actually did fine with it, though, so now I'm feeling a lot more comfortable about going home. Mike and I came to the airport together, even though his flight leaves two hours before mine. In fact, he boarded a few minutes ago, but his plane is still sitting at the gate. He has to fly to Denver for an hour layover and then to Chicago. I go straight from Las Vegas to Chicago, but we will be arriving in Chicago within two minutes of each other, if all the flights are on time. From Chicago, we will be on the same flight to Richmond, so that will be nice. Mike was kind enough to let me keep his computer so that I don't have to sit and twiddle my thumbs for the next two hours. Las Vegas has free wifi, so it's all good. This gives me a good chance to ramble on and on!

When I left Williamsburg on Tuesday, it was warm. When I arrived in Chicago, it was clear, but there was snow on the ground and the high was 9 degrees. Thank goodness I didn't have to leave the airport. I had my windbreaker with me, which I was glad to have when I had to wait on that thingee that connects to the plane (can't think of the name right now), while I waited for the carry on suitcase that I had checked at the door of the plane. There was even ice all around the edges of the thingee. I'm sure I will think of the name as soon as I click on publish because it is on the tip of my tongue.

As I walked 100 miles or so, though O'Hare Airport, with a 1000 pound suitcase, I stopped to rest on a glass enclosed bridge. I then called home to say "Illinois car" over and over, as I could see them driving by. In our family, we have a game of "calling" Illinois cars. Since we live in a tourist destination town, we see quite a few of them. CUP was a little annoyed with me for doing it, he doesn't think we should be allowed to call cars in the State of Illinois. Hannah thought it was hilarious.

The temperatures in Las Vegas were in the upper 60's all week and it was sunny every day. It was awesome! The normal temperature here for this week is about 57, so I guess we lucked out.

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Denise said...

Yeah, I'm really happy for you, getting those warm temps and all. I'd write more about it, but my fingers are still stiff from the cold.

Honestly, I don't get cold, because of my, you know...protective layer of insulation. But, I have been freezing all week! I just cannot get warm. It's not as if I left the house of anything, but I'm just shivering!

Oh well, maybe I'll get to go somewhere warm someday. Maybe Orlando... ;)