Friday, January 16, 2009


Funny conversation with Shauna today:

Shauna: "It sounds like Las Vegas is fun."

Me: "Well, it's really more for adults than kids. I'm not sure how much fun kids would have."

Shauna: "Yeah because they have gambling."

Me: "Yes, but Dad and I don't gamble, so we are really just relaxing."

Shauna: "Oh, I know you and Dad don't gamble. Not after Dad gambled that time and lost
six dollars!"

Another Shauna conversation:

Shauna (after calling yesterday to tell me she took her temperature and it was 98.4): "My temperature is 97.5. Don't worry, I'll take it again tomorrow and call you and tell you what it is."

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Denise said...

Shauna is so darned cute. JJ misses her a lot. Can't remember if I told you, but he wants to get the Webkinz Carmel Lion so that he and Shauna can be the King and Queen of the Jungle.