Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CUP is at the Inauguration!

CUP and his friend, Ashley, got tickets to the swearing in ceremony! Wow, someday he will be telling my great-grandchildren about how he was in the audience when the first African American President was sworn in.

Here is some information from his twitter:

Still a long walk from orange security to the west lawn. Lots of people here. taking 2-4 tries to send each of these messages #inaug09
Past security checkpoint with no problems. Making our way to the southwest standing area.
The cold isn't bad at all. Everyone still in high spirits in line. #inaug09
Finally in the orange ticket line. It's VERY long. #inaug09
Off the train, but at a standstill in the station. Oh well, we're close! #inaug09
I'm surprised at how friendly everyone is. It's really quite something. Still on the Metro... #inaug09
At&t being weird for Ashley. sprint is awesome as always. #inaug09
"sick passenger" delaying trains on inbound metro orange line. I hope nobody pukes on me. :-(
Sprint data network still working great. Twitpic... Not so much.
I'm still in disbelief that this is really happening. AND WE HAVE TICKETS TO THE SEATED AREA!!!! :-D :-D #inaug09
Ashley just had the best "thats what she said."
Already on train, line moved very quickly considering. #inaug09
@advil oh you tricky bastard
Ridiculously long line for Vienna metro stop. Moving somewhat quickly at least. Hard to text with gloves.
Stuck in traffic, but definitely worth it.
@dannythedemon 103.5 fm reporting loooong waits on metro. I'm en route to Vienna stop myself.
En route to DC. :-D
http://twitpic.com/14xip - So very excited. We got tickets to the swearing in ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In downtown DC, picking up our inauguration tickets. :-) :-) #inaug09

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Anonymous said...

That is soo very awesome! What a once in a lifetime thing!

I didn't vote for him, but listening to his speech today made me feel like maybe there's hope for our country yet.